Konstantinos is an Attorney at Law with an extensive record on domestic and cross-border commercial law litigation and consulting. With a background in business and law, he has also been advising tech startups on legal and growth strategy while previously has served as a co-founder of a sharing economy startup.

He holds a degree in law from the Faculty of Law, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and an MBA from the Skolkovo Moscow School of Management. He has also completed the Entrepreneurship & Innovation Program offered by the MIT Sloan School of Management and received additional executive education on business development from the New York University.




Dimitris is an Attorney at Law (Law School of Athens) and holds a Master’s Degree in Management (AUEB). He has been Legal Advisor to three Ministers of Justice (2015-2019) and member of many legislative committees and workgroups including the Negotiations Team of MoU Program with the EC/ECB/IMF
Code of Civil Procedure, Financial Sector, Public Procurement, Mediation, Arbitration, eJustice, Commerce Law etc. He has collaborated with Athens Centre for Entrepreneurship of AUEB, Seed 4 Business, Greek Swimming Federation, Ministry of Defense, and has been the legal representative before Supreme Sports Council for clubs such as Olympiacos and Panathinaikos.




Spiros is an accredited and highly experienced lawyer/legal advisor (Supreme Court) specializing in TMT and Privacy Law since 1999. He is chair of the Hellenic Association of Data Protection and Privacy, co-chair of the IAPP Greek Knowledge Chapter and associate of the Dpt. of Applied Informatics, University of Macedonia.

Spiros is offering external advice, as an independent lawyer, since 2010 and currently is running GDPR/Cybersecurity compliance project for major entities and organisations. Other key points of his career are: Head Corporate Legal Adviser to Cosmoline S.A., Corporate Legal Adviser in Vodafone Greece and Senior Associate for a big ticket law firm in Athens. In 2009 he was one of the key consultants of the Ministry of Communications in drafting a new law on national fiber optics networks (Ftth) and in 2018 advised the same ministry on the Network Infrastructure Security (NIS) Directive implementation.

Spiros is also an Editor of the “Media and Telecommunications Law Review”, covering TMT Law and Privacy  and a co-author of the books “Fundamental Human Rights in Greece – Freedom of Expression and Press” (2017), “Personal Data – Analysis and Facts” (2016) and “Facebook, Blogs and Rights” (2012). He has also contributed with a “Legal Guide on Electronic Communications in Greece” to the Invest in Greece edition – Greek Law Digest (2012, 2016, 2018). Spiros co-organizes the annual DiMEE national conference on TMT and Privacy Law, is a visiting Lecturer in TMT and Privacy law, member of the SEV DPWG and is regularly invited to talk as an expert in legal conferences. He regularly publishes articles related to TMT and Privacy Law and he is honored to have seen his articles cited in national case-law.